Setting a budget is one of the most powerful and effective ways of (re)gaining control over your finances and reaching your financial goals. Whether you are trying to get out of debt, increase your savings or just want to have a more in depth look at what you spend your money on, budgeting can be of great help.

What is a budget?

A budget is a tool that can help you plan your spending and make sure that your expenditure not only stays within the limits you have set for yourself but is in line with your values and beliefs. It is also a great eye opener as the expenditure tracking process required to build a budget can show you where the majority of your money is going and allow you to re-assess your priorities if necessary.

I have written the Budgeting Savvy series to provide you with a simple approach to budgeting which is easy to follow and modify. Once you set up your budget all you need to do is review it on a regular basis to make sure you’re still on track. It will soon become part of your routine and you will only need to allocate a few minutes per month to it. Well worth the initial and subsequent time investments.

Please click on the links below to read each article in the series.

Enjoy the process and until next time, stay savvy!


  1. Budgeting 101 – setting your financial goals
  2. Budgeting 101 – distinguishing between different types of expenses
  3. Budgeting 101 – tracking your expenses
  4. Budgeting 101 – setting a budget in line with your financial goals
  5. Budgeting 101 – reviewing and changing your budget


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