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Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley

Theodore Roethke

Welcome to The Savvy Corner!

You didn’t come here by accident – you are looking for something. Perhaps you want guidance, support, or inspiration but what you are ultimately looking for is FREEDOM. Freedom to build the coaching business of your dreams, make a living doing what you love, and take charge of your financial situation. You can stop your search now, you’re in the right place!


Get ready to:

Understand the principles behind a successful coaching business.

Attract paying clients and other financial opportunities.

Confidently make strategic decisions in your business.

Make a living doing what you love.

Build a financially viable coaching business.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching consists of a series of impactful conversations and practical exercises aimed at moving you from your current situation to a more desirable future state. Coaching is a journey which follows this pattern:  

Awareness → Reflection → Action → Results.

Here at The Savvy Corner, we use a blend of financial coaching, business mentoring and consulting to help coaches build successful businesses. Our approach is right for you if you can identify with these statements (click on the ‘+’ sign to expand):

You are a coach, not a business person.

Coaching is your passion and you started your business so you can make an impact. You are not familiar with the practicalities of running a business and you are starting to see the impact of that on your success as a coach so far.

You want to make a living coaching, but are struggling to get a consistent stream of clients

You have a handful of clients who pay you, but not enough to be financially sustainable. The anxiety of not knowing where the money will come from once you finish working with them is crippling. Most of your current clients came from recommendations and referrals and you worry that the pipeline will soon dry out. Your strategy for getting new clients is to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

You have ambitious money goals but don’t see a way to achieve them

Other coaches seem to be able to make decent money, but not you. You don’t know what their ‘secret’ is, how they make it work and if there’s something you’re missing. Thoughts like: ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘the coaching market is saturated’, ‘I’m too late to the game’ only make it worse. You wonder if you are ever going to be successful or if starting a coaching business was a mistake.

You have no idea how much to charge for your coaching services or products

You’ve seen other coaches charge anything from the equivalent of a cup of coffee for a session to 4-5 figures for longer coaching programs. You’re a qualified coach and you know you ought to charge a decent fee. At the same time, you worry about affordability and losing potential clients because the price might be a barrier for them. If only there were some official guidelines for how to price coaching services – that would make it so much easier.

Talking about prices and money in general makes you uncomfortable

Even if you did know how much to charge, you find it very difficult to discuss your prices or to stand your ground when someone asks for a discount. You immediately jump in to justify any prices you quote and even say that they are negotiable before the client mentions anything about it. You know it’s a money mindset thing, but it is surprising that it makes an appearance now. You never had an issue discussing money during your corporate career.

You are at a point where you need some help

You’ve given it a shot by yourself and made some progress. But the way things are going, it will be a while before you see the results you are looking for. You are ready to invest in working with someone who has experience in building their own business and has helped many other coaches do the same. As a coach, you know that doing the same things and expecting different results is not realistic. You’re ready to follow a proven process with a coach, mentor and sounding board by your side.   


“Starting with my vague hopes for the future we had some very thought provoking discussions exploring different options, from which she helped me form a plan with realistic targets.”


“Alisa challenged my thinking on more than one occasion and helped me get my fears, worries and self-doubt out of my own way. I’d not have made the progress I’ve had so far without her.


“Alisa has been an amazing mentor for me, and imparted insightful guidance and support throughout. Her approach is thoughtful and honest, giving the right feedback, making you feel you can achieve anything.


“She is unafraid to challenge where needed but does this with great skill and nurture. I would highly recommend Alisa with no hesitation”


“I find Alisa’s approach highly professional and though provoking. Her knowledge and insights into financial coaching is really holistic and her skills are superb. I really don’t have enough superlatives to describe her. You won’t regret working with her.”


“I feel I have gained a solid set of skills that will continue to impact my financial behaviour for the rest of my life.”


“Working with Alisa has helped me to drive some much-required change in my business. She has helped me address some core marketing issues and mental blocks which have contributed to my frustration for many years.


Alisa is a fantastic coach and mentor, and she has given me the support I needed as I develop my own coaching practice. With a laser focus she gets straight to the heart of what needs to happen and relates her knowledge and insight to your own personal circumstances.


If you are looking for someone who will ensure you consider things from all angles, shift your thinking, support you, celebrate your success and always be there as a sounding board Alisa is most definitely the lady for you!


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