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Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley

Theodore Roethke

Welcome to The Savvy Corner!

You didn’t come here by accident. However it is that you found this website, you are looking for something. You might call it guidance, support, or inspiration. I call it FREEDOM. Freedom to build the coaching business of your dreams and take charge of your financial situation. You can stop your search now, you’re in the right place. 


Get ready to:

Understand the principles behind a successful coaching business.

Attract paying clients and other financial opportunities.

Confidently make strategic decisions in your business.

Make a living doing what you love.

Build a financially viable coaching business.

What Is Financial Coaching?

Financial Coaching is a series of impactful conversations and practical exercises aimed at moving you from your current situation to a more desirable future state. Summarised in a few words, Financial Coaching is a journey which follows this pattern:  

Awareness → Reflection → Action → Results.

Financial Coaching is right for you if you can identify with any of the following (click on the ‘+’ signs to expand):

You earn a decent salary but you're not left with much at the end of the month.

You might be wondering where all the money is going as you don’t feel like you’re spending uncontrollably. That being said, if you want something you buy it. Similarly, if family members or friends need money they come to you. You’ve never been ‘cheap’ and you don’t like the idea of it.

You have a big financial goal and don't know how to approach it.

Perhaps you want to buy your first home or you are planning your wedding. You’re not a planner, never have been and don’t even know where to start. Budgeting is not your thing and there are so many things to think about, it’s overwhelming. 

You have negative emotions around money.

Shame, guilt, anger, frustration, etc. It’s not intentional but you don’t know how to control it. Because of this you avoid talking about money with anyone, even your partner or closest friends. Keeping all those emotions inside feels suffocating and it’s affecting your mental health. 

You have a mental barrier around how much money you can or deserve to make.

Other people can make more money but not you. You don’t know what their ‘secret’ is, how they make it work. Intellectually you know what you need to do but you are being stopped by thoughts like: ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘I don’t have the right credentials’, ‘there are no opportunities for me’, ‘I am not lucky enough’, etc. 

As a business owner you want to understand the numbers in your business and how to use them.

For a long time you have been focusing on marketing and sales in order to get clients. Now that you are more established, you realise how important it is to have a good understanding of the financial side of your business. There is a lot of jargon you don’t understand but you want to know how to use numbers to your advantage in business. 


“Starting with my vague hopes for the future we had some very thought provoking discussions exploring different options, from which she helped me form a plan with realistic targets.”


“Her calm and caring manner is second only to her incredible attention to detail, which for a financial coach is crucial.”


“For someone who finds it difficult to make decisions, Alisa gave me the courage to follow my dreams, sort out my finances and be able to turn down activities that I felt didn’t benefit my personal and financial growth.”


“She is unafraid to challenge where needed but does this with great skill and nurture. I would highly recommend Alisa with no hesitation”


“Alisa brings great value to anyone who gets coached by her. In her pursuit of helping people through the maze of financial intricacies, her knowledge and experience in this area are a distinct advantage”


“I feel I have gained a solid set of skills that will continue to impact my financial behaviour for the rest of my life.”


“As well as being an outstanding coach Alisa is a subject matter specialist in her chosen niche delivering clear return on investment whether on a one to one basis or in a group/business scenario.”


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