Hi there, I’m Alisa!  I will be your guide, supporter and accountability partner on your journey to financial freedom.  I’m so glad you’re here and I look forward to working together.

Are you wondering what I’m like and what it would be like to work with me? Keep reading.

My £inancial story

I grew up in a middle class family in Eastern Europe. When I was born the communist regime was still in place and my parents knew no other reality.  Money did not have the power it has today and there were days when it couldn’t even put food on the table because there was nothing to buy, the shops were empty.

Therefore, instead of encouraging me to count on resources, my parents raised me in the spirit of resourcefulness.  I was brought up to look for value within me rather than to seek it outside, to know that it is my responsibility to go and get what I need and not expect someone or something else (money?) to do that for me.

Today I still live by those principles. I certainly don’t delegate this responsibility to money and I don’t let it be in charge when it comes to the decisions I make. That, for me, is freedom.

I want the same freedom for you, which is why I became a Financial Coach. I use the financial skills I acquired as a Chartered Certified Accountant to help people break from the emotional shackles of money and re-write their £inancial stories. Are you ready to turn the page on your financial situation?

My values


I have an unshakable faith that anyone is capable of improving their financial situation and relationship with money. I believe in you before you can believe in yourself, I couldn’t work with you if I didn’t. When we open our mind to possibility, outstanding things happen.


William S. Burroughs put it very bluntly: “If we’re not growing, we’re dying”. I’d rather grow and I’d rather you did too. It might be painful and uncomfortable but the alternative is a lot worse. Don’t be afraid of growth, it’s part of life!


I am committed to my clients 100%. To help them, push them out of their comfort zone, point out areas of improvement and highlight their successes.

However, I cannot do this on my own. If we are going to work together I ask for the same 100% commitment from you, otherwise you won’t get the results you expect and deserve. Are you in 100%?

My approach

I don’t cut corners and I don’t cut any slack. I require your full commitment: to the process, to yourself and to the results that you will generate. In our coaching relationship I will not be your friend and I won’t sugar-coat things to make you feel better.

However, I will be your biggest advocate: encouraging, supporting and believing in you and your capacity to follow through. I will act as your accountability partner and help you stay on track if you lose motivation.

I use a combination of standard coaching techniques, innovative approaches rooted in behavioural economics & gaming theory and traditional financial models to facilitate results which are impactful and lasting. 

By the end of our coaching relationship you will be able to make smart financial decisions and free yourself from the worry, overwhelm, guilt and frustration you now feel around money. 

Qualifications & accomplishments

Professional qualifications

  • University of Cambridge, UK – Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – Certified Chartered Accountant. National Prize Winner
  • Kingston University, London – MSc in International Political Communication, Advocacy and Campaigning. Distinction & Award Winner