About you

Hi there! I don’t know you personally, but there are some things I do know about you.

You’re a smart person. You know it and people around you are aware of it too. You’re very good at what you do and are always striving to improve both personally and professionally.

You don’t shy away from a good challenge but ‘numbers’? They’re not your thing. They don’t ‘speak’ to you and you haven’t been particularly listening either. Intellectually you understand that every decision has some sort of financial implication but in practice you’re not as intentional about money as you would like to be. 

You’re here because you know that money isn’t everything in life. However, while you understand that, you also know that if you keep your eye off the ball for long enough you might end up in a downwards spiral of debt, frustration and/or overwhelm.

I would like to get to know you in person and talk about money. I know it’s a delicate subject but I talk about it all the time. It is my job. I am trained to coach you about your financial situation in a non-judgmental way.

What others like you have said

“Starting with my vague hopes for the future we had some very thought provoking discussions exploring different options, from which she helped me form a plan with realistic targets.”


“Her calm and caring manner is second only to her incredible attention to detail, which for a financial coach is crucial.”


“For someone who finds it difficult to make decisions, Alisa gave me the courage to follow my dreams, sort out my finances and be able to turn down activities that I felt didn’t benefit my personal and financial growth.”


“She is unafraid to challenge where needed but does this with great skill and nurture. I would highly recommend Alisa with no hesitation”


“Alisa brings great value to anyone who gets coached by her. In her pursuit of helping people through the maze of financial intricacies, her knowledge and experience in this area are a distinct advantage”


“I feel I have gained a solid set of skills that will continue to impact my financial behaviour for the rest of my life.”


“As well as being an outstanding coach Alisa is a subject matter specialist in her chosen niche delivering clear return on investment whether on a one to one basis or in a group/business scenario.”


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