I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen Covey

“I had regular coaching from Alisa over the course of several months, covering personal finances, career and life goals.

In my opinion the best part of her coaching is how she helped me define and take ownership of goals: starting with my vague hopes for the future we had some very thought provoking discussions exploring different options, from which she helped me form a plan with realistic targets. I think this process helped me achieve far more than I could by myself.

Alisa is obviously highly organised and determined herself but is also kind and a good listener, which I think is why our meetings were very productive but also felt like a relaxed and safe environment.

Alisa also has a wealth of experience helping other people with their finances which really shows through – she certainly helped me save a lot more money than I spent on the coaching.

Overall I would highly recommend her as a coach- if you’ve never tried coaching before why not give it a go?” 


“Alisa Barcan is the consummate professional coach. Her calm and caring manner is second only to her incredible attention to detail, which for a financial coach is crucial.

If you are struggling to manage your money, Alisa is the coach for you. She is thorough, capable and incisive and takes the fear out of money and all its associated mind monkeys.”


“Before my coaching sessions with Alisa, I wasn’t sure what to do with my career and I was worried about my financial future. However, once I embarked on this journey, I not only started to appreciate myself more but also to discover what my values were and where my passion lies.

Alisa has super powers! With her calm demeanour she listened, took notes, and asked pertinent questions which made me reflect on my issues and ultimately led to finding solutions. For someone who finds it difficult to make decisions, Alisa gave me the courage to follow my dreams, sort out my finances and be able to turn down activities that I felt didn’t benefit my personal and financial growth.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alisa to anyone looking for help and shy about asking for it. I’ve been very fortunate to have her as my coach; her personality and warmth are the winning attributes which along with her professional demeanour invite you to confide in her. And I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!” 


“I have had the privilege to have observed and studied with Alisa and have nothing but admiration for her. Her calm and empathic approach to her financial coaching creates trust and rapport. She is unafraid to challenge where needed but does this with great skill and nurture. I would highly recommend Alisa with no hesitation.” 


“As a Peer Coach, I have observed Alisa’s coaching sessions. With her empathetic, calm and composed demeanour she generates trust and confidence in her clients, allowing them space and time to open up transparently. Her gentle but insightful questions prod her clients to think hard and dig deeper in order to come up with solutions that they seek.

I am sure Alisa brings great value to anyone who gets coached by her. In her pursuit of helping people through the maze of financial intricacies, her knowledge and experience in this area are a distinct advantage to her as a Financial Coach.” 


“I cannot speak highly enough of Alisa. In our sessions of financial coaching she managed to help me bring my expenditure and budget on the right track. I have always been an emotional and a spontaneous spender. I used to not think on long term nor plan in advance. Alisa made me reflect on the importance of taking accountability for my actions. She made me discover and reflect upon the feelings behind my actions. Here we are, a few months later and not only did I start putting money aside – now I am working towards an emergency fund.

Alisa has a fantastic sense of building trust with you. She is flexible and always challenges you – pushes you to think outside the box and to pursue uncomfortable actions that best serve your interests.

Alisa’s judging skills are truly remarkable. She always has an incredible capacity of listening. I am honoured that she coached me, and I recommend her wholeheartedly. Alisa helped me to understand my values and to create a plan of action aligned with these values. I feel I have gained a solid set of skills that will continue to impact my financial behaviour for the rest of my life.”


“Alisa is the consummate professional; she has an incredible eye for detail coupled with an excellent capacity to coach at all levels. As well as being an outstanding coach Alisa is a subject matter specialist in her chosen niche delivering clear return on investment whether on a one to one basis or in a group/business scenario. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Alisa and I look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.”


Now and again one comes across someone with a talent so big and powerful that it defies logic. Alisa is one of those people. Quietly efficient, hugely insightful, deeply skilled, a consummate presenter and a very successful financial coach.

Few of us understand finance – even some of us who are accountants don’t understand finance in a way that makes sense to the vast majority of people. Finance is one of those dark arts that us accountants keep safe from the person in the street.

And that is where Alisa comes along – she is a highly skilled accountant who is able to apply her skills in such a way that her clients immediately see the benefit. She cuts through the plethora of rules and regulations to help her clients fully appreciate the learnings in finance and personal finance that Alisa delivers.

Her clear and efficient manner belies a coach who is truly in touch with her clients and is able to empathise with their concerns whilst bringing true financial rigour to bear on the presenting problem.

I am very privileged to have worked closely with Alisa and to have seen how she can make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. I cannot recommend Alisa highly enough – if you are looking for a truly inspirational coach – Alisa is the person to contact.


What makes a good coach? In my opinion a good coach empowers you, gives you clarity about what you want, and thus helps you to take your own life into your own hands.

Alisa helped me with all these things. And to help with all of this she has a great strength: her listening skills. She listens to you with her full attention in a non judgemental way to find out what’s important to you, she connects the dots between what you say, and occasionally she guides you with some questions.

In this way it feels like she is using a Socratic approach, where, rather than telling you what to do, she guides you while you find out for yourself what matters to you, and makes you realise you have always had the power to improve your life. If that’s not empowering, I wouldn’t know what is.


I have been lucky to work with Alisa as my Financial coach once it became clear in my mind that I needed to approach things differently in my Finance department. I noticed I started to push away some personal goals due to my spending habits therefore I needed an external, objective, practical resource to correct that.

After a couple of sessions, I become fully aware of my irrational spending habits but thanks to her creativity and ability to apply theoretical concepts into practice we started to work on my expenditure mindset. We generated solutions on how I could increase my savings to achieve my long-term ambitions, discussed possible ways to become tax efficient as well creating an emergency fund.

She is very easy to work with, flexible, a deep listener as well as realistic and grounded professional. Totally recommend working with her. By delaying it further, you are delaying your own financial life transformation …


I have recently been coached by Alisa and as a coach myself it was refreshing for the boot to be on the other foot.

Alisa’s style of coaching is very person centred with just the right level of challenge. During the communication leading up to my first coaching session something Alisa challenged me on completely changed my perspective of what coaching I actually deliver. So a real light bulb moment for me before our actual coaching session. Naturally, I was very excited from this point to have our first coaching session, which didn’t disappoint.

Through our coaching I have realised that it is not my planning skills that are problematic but rather my on-boarding. Knowing this I can make reasonable adjustments to how clients on-board with She Evolves going forward.

Alisa has brought much value to me through her coaching, I would not hesitate to recommend her.


As my mentor, Alisa has taken the time to understand me and my business. She has helped me to define what I offer, to review what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Alisa has a wonderful way of seeing the big picture as well as honing in on the detail. With her mentoring I am clear about the actions I need to take. I have benefited from Alisa’s suggestions regarding tools and processes which have helped me to look differently at issues and their solutions.

If you want clarity and are willing to be accountable, Alisa is the mentor for you.


I have had the pleasure to study with Alisa and, from early days, her natural talent in listening with deep empathy, seeing the bigger picture and asking powerful questions shined through.

Alisa possesses a love and talent for numbers; when most of us tend to ignore this area of our lives, Alisa will gently direct your attention to that which you are burying your head in the sand for. Alisa will not only help you detangle your finances but will also leave you empowered and in control and this is priceless.

All these, combined with her professionalism, strong work ethic and dedication to her clients make Alisa a very powerful coach. I would recommend Alisa to anyone who is ready to cut the excuses and move on to a brighter future.


Alisa has been a mentor for my coaching business and I’d highly recommend her services to any fellow coach.

Her rare gift is strong business acumen combined with a deeply empathetic and straightforward approach – you feel that she cares a lot, she wants you to succeed and hence notices and tells you things that nobody else will dare to say.

She challenged my thinking on more than one occasion and helped me get my fears, worries and self-doubt out of my own way. I’d not have made the progress I’ve had so far without her.


In the 6 months that I have been working with Alisa I found her very helpful and supportive, as well as being very generous with her knowledge.

She is structured and thorough which has helped me stay on track and be accountable for completing the actions we agreed together.

I would certainly recommend working with her. Thank you Alisa!


I have worked with Alisa for almost a year. She’s been an amazing mentor for me, and imparted insightful guidance and support throughout.

Her approach is thoughtful and honest, giving the right feedback, making you feel you can achieve anything.

Most importantly, she’s a good listener. I would recommend Alisa as a mentor and coach.


I was lucky enough to be part of The Abundance Project beta cohort and it represented exceptional value for money, but that’s only half the story. Working as part of a group and being led by Alisa’s expert coaching guidance was such an incredibly rewarding experience.

Often it is easier to recognise patterns of behaviour in others than we do in ourselves, and the process of supporting others was extremely insightful. Alisa set the tone for the group and everyone was very respectful of each other and also very open and honest which made the experience all the richer.

Each week had a focus and a workbook to complete prior to the group call. Due to my ‘last minute’ approach to homework I tended to do my workbook on the day of the call and it often enabled me to focus better on the topic.

Occasionally I found the materials daunting but Alisa was always on hand to offer support, as were the rest of the group. My own habits and behaviours around money were really put under the spotlight, as was my money mindset and its origins.

I used to think of myself as bad with money, and found budgeting boring. Now I know I am very strategic with my money and now really enjoy budgeting. I am in a far more stable position than I’ve ever been because I have the tools and mindset to be abundant.

I would highly recommend Alisa as a coach. She is supportive and challenging in equal measure. I find her approach highly professional and thought provoking. Her knowledge and insights into financial coaching is really holistic and her skills are superb.

I really don’t have enough superlatives to describe her. You won’t regret working with her, of that I can be certain.