Guest interview - terms & conditions

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on my podcast, Coaching for a Living, dedicated to coaches who wish to build financially viable coaching businesses. In addition to turning our interview into a podcast episode, the transcript of our conversation might be used to create a Medium article and (parts of) the audio/video recording might be posted on my YouTube and other social media channels. I am asking for your permission to do so by inviting you to please read the following terms and conditions before proceeding with the interview.

By booking this interview you agree to the following:

By participating in this interview, I grant Alisa Barcan, her legal representatives and assigns, and those acting with the permission of Alisa Barcan, the right and permission to copyright and/or use, reuse and/or broadcast and republish still photographs, motion pictures, digital media, cartoon renderings, and/or associated or independent audio and video recordings of me or reproductions thereof made through any media, for any purpose whatsoever, including the use of any printed matter in conjunction therewith and further concede all rights to the produced media for potential future use in advertising, speeches, books, webpages, and all other forms of public distribution without remuneration.

I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished drawings, photographs, motion pictures, digital media, and/or associated or independent audio and video recordings, or advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or to the eventual use that it might be applied.

Due to the nature of the interview process, not all interviews will be published. Alisa Barcan reserves the right to refuse publication, for any reason, without notice.